4 reasons our dev team is awesome

I’ve been at DMGT 10 years this week.

I joined to work on their travel products (mainly a price comparison site). When that became part of MailOnline i joined Evening Standard and then Metro (via a few other API projects).

In 10 years this is the most effective tech team i’ve worked on. Here’s why.

1. We have a great range of skills, not just dev skills.

2. We start simple. We learn what works and build on it, fast. We’re agile.

3. We have a vision, both for the product and for the brand. (The brand post is a bit out of date now, soz). We love feeding this into the wider Metro vision driven by the rest of the business.

4. We use the right tool for the job. Our core is WordPress – not as hipster as Clojure (used by MailOnline) but it’s a great fit for a site like Metro. We use the hipster stuff outside the core.

What’s your opinion?


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