A “loyalty funnel” for news sites

At Metro we sometimes talk about taking a “sales funnel” approach to user loyalty. What would it look like?

Maybe something like this…

  1. View an article
  2. Think the article is great (e.g. great enough to share on Facebook)
  3. View 2nd article within one week
  4. Think that article is great too
  5. “Sign-up” e.g. follow Metro on Facebook
  6. Visit the metro.co.uk homepage direct
  7. Install app? Customise homepage?

What do you think?

The challenge

It’s seems that the bit we struggle most with is (5) the “sign-up” step.

Some relevant data:

  • Last month we had 30 million unique visitors
  • Last month we had 13 million “return visits within 7 days”
  • We have 0.9 million followers on Facebook and Twitter
  • I don’t know how many shares we had last month


BuzzFeed have a “Like BuzzFeed on Facebook” box at the bottom of articles.

Upworthy crank up the call to action if you’re a return visitor.

Traditional sites seem to rely on comprehensive content (BBC and MailOnline), strong values (Guardian) and sensationalism (MailOnline).

What if we target users who are visiting Metro via Facebook?




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